Twelve Cabins is a website dedicated to probing the minds behind the world’s best independent horror & cult cinema. 

Conceptually derived in Halloween 2014, Twelve Cabins began with a group of friends accumulating the best horror shorts they could find on the internet, curating an evening where local horror fans could sit around and enjoy a few scares without having to deliberate through hours of streaming-induced indecisiveness.

Jump forward to Friday 13th December 2019, Twelve Cabins is now set up to bring this concept to a wider audience, giving them a peak behind the curtain whilst offering filmmakers a platform where their work can be exhibited.

Contact Us

We love to hear from filmmakers and writers alike, so whether you’re curious about our submissions process or you’d like to grace our pages with your glorious prose, send a message to: info@twelvecabins.com

“Oh, we have twelve vacancies. Twelve cabins, twelve vacancies.” – Norman Bates in Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960)